The Networked Individual

New networked media have a large effect on the daily life of individuals. It changes the world in which we live and our behaviour as well.

Example questions:

  • How does the digital world shape our personal experiences, both in public and in private?
  • The deep integration of ICT in our daily lives, and even into our own bodies, raises fundamental questions about cyber-physical systems: are they possible? Are they desirable?
  • How do the new networked media facilitate spreading of information, and how does this influence our norms and expections about communication?
  • How does the new ICT-based connectivity affect our personal environment? How does it affect the lifestyle of individuals and families?
  • How can psychological or behavioral models of “economical behavior” explain how users respond to the overwhelming amount of available information, with theories about the “distribution of attention” or the “selective spending of resources like time and effort in knowledge acquisition”.