The Digital Planet

Our modern world is pervaded by computing devices, large and small, professional and personal, for sensing and acting, under our control or unnoticed, etc.

Example questions:

  • How is the creative industry facilitated by the increasing digitisation of our world?
  • And how does this increasing digitisation influence our experience of the past, our relation with our cultural heritage, and our identity as an individual and as a group?
  • Which information technologies are the next key steps in the further developments of our digital society?
  • Security, privacy and sharing of information are uneasy bedfellows. How can we maximally share information and knowledge with maximal transparency while at the same time ensuring security and privacy?
  • How to deal with undesirable side-effects of our digital planet, such as social exclusion, the digital divide, cyber-bullying and digital piracy?
  • What are the opportunities and risks that arise as a consequence of the growing digitization of information and knowledge in increasingly interconnected, selforganizing and dynamic systems?
  • Opportunities and risks in terms of the value, availability, correctness, reliability, subjectivity, changeability, monitoring and authorization of knowledge?

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