Political discourse in the news

The relation between the political arena and media coverage occupies a central place in Political Communication research. Studies into the newsworthiness of political events and actors show that especially powerful actors get most coverage, while actual work in the political arena has less effect.1 Studies in Agenda Setting show that the politics and media influence each other depending on the political context.2 Work on the mediatization of politics posits that the role of the media has changed in the last 70 years, with journalists becoming more influential.

In a previous project, sanitized and combined Dutch newspaper articles from De Telegraaf 1945-2010 and parliamentary minutes from the same period were collected. A large sample of this data has been manually annotated for topic, frame use, personalization, and sentiment. Using this linked data set, we have shown long-term changes and processes in negativity and personalization in the Dutch news. These results have been presented at a conference and are now being prepared for further submission.

For a further description of the project, please visit https://www.dropbox.com/s/h9m1d4yzbnnvr1n/%2813%29%20Proposal-PoliticalDiscours.pdf?dl=0