Knowledge sharing for the rural poor

In recent years, VU researchers have been developing an emergent field of “Computer Science for Development”. Independently, Organization Science researchers have been investigating the social context of “Knowledge Management for Development”. This proposed collaboration brings together the expertise of these two groups, toward the development of a platform for effective curation, creation and sharing of knowledge for the rural poor in developing countries. A mixed-method synthesis of these research efforts will provide new insights in ICT4D in general and CS4D in particular.

Knowledge sharing is a key influence on development of the rural poor, with ICT as a critical enabler, providing for instance critical market data or weather information to sustenance farmers, through low-tech, mobile or radio technologies. However, ICT4D initiatives often remain largely tool-oriented, limiting their scope and relevance to a specific context.

In this project, we take a Linked Data approach, thereby adding a new dimension to ICT4D research and practice. Linked Data allows for flexible, multi-layered knowledge sharing, independent of infrastructure and interfaces. We will generate a flexible platform, based on Linked Data and web standards, enabling researchers in low-tech/lo-fi environments to quickly develop prototype applications that can be tested and deployed in the target areas. This allows for agile development of living labs, toward contextually-tailored information sharing via voice-, web-, or icon-based interfaces. We seek to a) investigate current methods of and approaches to knowledge creation and curation in target communities and b) design and implement a platform that allows for rapid-prototyping of knowledge sharing applications.

This project will be embedded in running research of the established Web for Regreening in Africa (W4RA) alliance. W4RA provides a useful case of sharing pluviometric information, relevant to sustenance farmers in rural Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, and allows for field work and platform testing in the target areas.

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Read the report of the 2nd Syposium on ICT for Development (ICT4D 2015) here (PDF).

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Live blog feed from the W4RA website

  • In memoriam November 8, 2017
    The unfortunate news reached us that Dorothy Dittoh passed away on 27 October 2017. In 2015 and 2016 Dorothy participated in our W4RA workshops in Walewale, in our field research in Guabuliga community and in our ICT4D symposium “Perspectives on ICT4D”. Dorothy is a member of the Dittoh family. Her father Prof. Saa Dittoh and […]
    Anna Bon
  • Regreening the Sahel: longstanding research at VU November 5, 2017
    Interview with President of VU and two students from W4RA on Vimeo.
    Hans Akkermans
  • In memoriam September 15, 2017
    The W4RA team wants to express our sympathy with the family and relatives of Mady Sidibe, who passed away on September 6, 2017. Mady participated in our W4RA workshops in Ségou and Bamako, Mali in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Mady was one of the people who really made clear to us the importance to continue the development of ICTs, […]
    Anna Bon
  • W4RA team visits Universiti Malaysia Sarawak September 3, 2017
    From 25 August to 1 September 2017, The W4RA team visited UNIMAS in Sarawak. Aim of this visit was to continue and expand research collaboration with UNIMAS in ICT4D.  The W4RA team was represented, on this trip, by Prof. Hans Akkermans, Dr. Jaap Gordijn, Anna Bon and Bruno van Moerkerken, who did filming and photography […]
    Anna Bon
  • New research in W4RA program by three master students Information Science@VU July 23, 2017
    The W4RA team at VU is proud to present three new master theses: by Justyna Kleczar (July 2017), Reshmi Sarkar (June 2017) and Jamila Daoudi (May 2017). Justyna Kleczar’s work is on speech technologies for underresourced languages. It comprises a new methodology, including very comprehensive tooling, which facilitates and allows development of new voice-base […]
    Anna Bon