Modelling Common Operational Pictures in Crisis Situations

Situation awareness (SA) has proved to be a valuable term for scientists from diverse fields researching accidents, risks, crisis and emergencies. SA can be defined as the perception, understanding and interpretation of ones environment. There are many factors that can influence SA, such as stress, emotions, abilities, workload, comprehension, goals etc.

Team SA applies to teams rather than individuals that work together during a crisis. Different teams have different responsibilities and perceptions of their environment. Police officers for example have a different picture of a situation than a firefighter does. By creating a agent-based simulation model of shared situation awareness and by applying the model to a real world case, we hope to better understand how different factors influence team SA.


Student Assistants

  • Kamil Majdanik. MSc in Computer Science. E-mail:
  • Katrin Ingibergsdottir. MSc in Culture, Organization and Management. E-mail:


  • Kees Boersma.
  • Tibor Bosse.