Mapping Online Networks of Activism

Social scientists studying the activity of activist organizations are faced with an overwhelming amount of possibly biased and out of context source material This makes it time-consuming to study these organizations objectively.

The Mapping Online Networks of Activism (MONA) project aims at developing a tool(kit) which is able to:

  • Gather source material on an organization of interest (e.g. news articles, blog posts);
  • Leverage NLP techniques to extract events and their properties (e.g. actors, locations, timestamps) from these materials;
  • Identify links between events (e.g. related/same actors, locations);
  • Visualize the results (e.g. timelines, maps).

By doing this, MONA hopes to be able to make it easier to study large amounts of source material, thus alleviating the aforementioned problems.

The MONA website.


  • Ploeger, T., Armenta, B., Aroyo, L., de Bakker, F., & Hellsten, I. Making Sense of the Arab Revolution and Occupy: Visual Analytics to Understand Events. Detection, Representation, and Exploitation of Events in the Semantic Web, 61. (PDF)
  • June 2012 Research Poster: Activism in Context. (PDF)


Thomas Ploeger BSc
MSc Information Science

Maxine Kruijt
MSc Culture, Organization and Management


Dr. L.M. Aroyo
Associate Professor Business, Web and Media

Dr. ir. F.G.A. de Bakker
Associate Professor Organization Sciences

Dr. I.R. Hellsten
Associate Professor Organization Sciences

Former Participants

Bibiana Armenta MA left the MONA Project in the summer of 2012 to pursue a Ph.D in Groningen.