These are the core departments of the Network Institute. For more information about these departments please visit their individual websites.

Language, Cognition and Communication

The LCC cluster studies  linguistic features of specific genres, institutional communication, the effectiveness of communication, computer-mediated communication, verbal interaction, reading and writing processes, translation, journalistic genres, information packaging, text coherence, metaphor studies, language training and testing, and communication advice.

Knowledge, Information and Networks

The Knowledge, Information, and Networks (KIN) research group is part of the Department of Information, Logistics and Innovation (ILI) at the VU University Amsterdam. Their research focuses on the use, implications and business value of innovative organizational processes and technologies.

Computer Sciences

The Computer Science Department covers a broad range of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Business Web & Media, Computer Systems, Information Management, Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science.

Communication Science

The Department of Communication Science develops and disseminates knowledge about how new media and technology innovations affect the forms, functions and effects of communication, with an emphasis on communication through new media, the psychological experience of the media user, and advanced methods for mapping and analyzing media content.

Organization Sciences

The Department of Organization Sciences studies the social processes and phenomena that result in stability and change in the functioning of organizations, and focuses on research and teaching on the processes of organizational change, looking at the role of strategizing and cultural processes.

Center for Law & Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT

The Center for Law and Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT studies and develops normative frameworks for issues such as cyberterrorism, electronic proof, privacy, online dispute resolution, online advertising, remix of copyrighted content and enforcement of intellectual property rights on the Internet. Its expertise allows it to develop legal solutions required by the changes brought about by the Internet and other information technologies.
The Research Group on Intellectual Property Rights, led by Prof. Senftleben, specializes in intellectual property and information law. Current research topics include the influence of copyright law on individual and collaborative processes of creation, the regulation of online advertising, primary and secondary liability of intermediaries and the enforcement of intellectual property rights on the Internet.

Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer

The Eep Talstra Centre uses techniques from computational linguistics to study the text in the old and new testament. Its unique database with the complete text of the Hebrew Bible coded at word, sentence and text level is the basis for both syntactic, semantic, literary and rhetorical analysis.

Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics

ACBA aims at developing, disseminating and exploiting business analytics knowledge, and supports organizations to consider, design and undertake applied research studies concerning analytics. Business cases are in cancer diagnostics, pricing in retail industry, descision support in logistics and benchmarking and many others.

Also affiliated with the Network Institute are:

Axiom Group

Leibniz Center for Law, UvA

System and Network Engineering research group, UvA

e-Humanities Group, KNAW