Affiliated Groups

These groups are affiliated with the Network Institute:

Center for Law and Internet

The Computer Law Institute is part of the Faculty of Law of the Vrije Universiteit (“Free University”) of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The core activities of the CLI are research and education of 1) computer science applied in the legal field and 2) legal implications of information technology.

Axiom Group

The Group of History and Philosophy of Logic, Semantics and Axiomatics aims t orewriting the history of Tarski’s revolution in semantics by taking into account the development of axiomatics from Bolzano to Tarski.

Leibniz Center for Law, UvA

This interdisciplinary research group, develops intelligent technology to support legal practice both in the private and in the public sector by applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to problems in legal theory, legal knowledge management and the field of Law in general.

System and Network Engineering research group, UvA

The System and Network Engineering (SNE) research group focuses on emerging new local and wide area optical networks and the associated models, systems and protocols. It builds tools and proof-of-concept applications that promote optimal use of these high speed networks, and develops grid middleware to empower applications to optimally allocate and use these infrastructures.

e-Humanities Group, KNAW

The e-Humanities Group is an initiative of the KNAW that brings together expertise and research in the development and use of digital technologies in the humanities and social sciences. Researchers in KNAW institutes collaborate with universities in order to develop innovative tools and theories for understanding what computational approaches can mean for research and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.

Metaphor Lab

The mission of the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and application in all areas of metaphor research inside and outside academic communities.